Round 2 Game 4 RECAP: Dallas evens things up in lopsided Kraken loss

Photography provided by @Jennthulhu on Instagram

At this point I think we can all mentally prepare ourselves for a Game 7 because that’s where this series seems destined to go.

If you can stand it, the Highlights:

Game Notes:

  • Your TOI Leader was Adam Larsson, with 22:44 logged.
  • Man, I don’t know where to start. The Stars showed up ready to drop as many goals as possible on Seattle and I’m not sure Hakstol and company got these Squids ready to face what Dallas was bringing; they intercepted nearly every pass as it was being made, they were able to get through the neutral zone and defensive zone without much issue…they completely overwhelmed the Kraken through the first 35 minutes or so.
  • Helping the Stars in that regard was the Kraken backcheck, which was just…atrocious. Nearly every defender lost his man at least once contributing to a great chance for Dallas
  • Of course, this might’ve been a much easier result to swallow if, say, this was a much closer 4-3 game thanks to clear and obvious goaltender interference of the highest caliber…but as Jared McCann said in the post-game scrum: “I have no idea what the hell Goaltender interference is.” Stars got some unbelievable luck on that result and frankly I’d just like to shake the refs like a magic eight-ball and demand answers talk it out with the refs to explain it. I’m sure they have a great explanation!
  • Special teams once again became the issue in a Kraken loss. The Stars were of course rolling all night so it’s to be expected…but 2/3 after being so good on the PK is just unacceptable. I’ve given up on the power play being useful to Seattle right now so at BARE MINIMUM COULD YOU GET CLEARS ON THE PK!?
  • Grubauer didn’t finish tonight’s game, and as much as he’s been playing well he shares at least a little of the blame for how this went. Not all of it, I will give him that he had absolutely zero help out in front of him, but he didn’t have the best of nights in net.

Were there any positives?:

Well, I guess there were a couple.

  • A two goal performance by Jaden Schwartz is pretty solid!
  • Adam Larsson was the 17th Kraken player to score this playoffs, and his goal really made it feel like the Kraken could get back into it, even for a minute or two.
  • Jared McCann played a limited role in his return to the lineup but honestly I think he played well while out there. It didn’t hurt that for a while there he was one of the only Kraken who had a shot attempt in the first period.
  • Honestly that first goal by Schwartz heralded the Kraken getting their act together for most of the third period and the Stars started to get on the backfoot. They didn’t get it together enough to win, but it was more than enough to show there’s fight in Seattle. It just would’ve been nice to see at the uh…30 minute mark of regulation? Maybe the 25 minute mark? I’m not picky.
  • For as bad a night Grubauer had, Jake Oettinger still put up a sub-.900 SV%. He is still profoundly beatable. Execution shows up for more than 10 minutes of total game time? They can absolutely take advantage.
  • This series is far from over. These Squids love getting a good ol’ get right game just as much as Dallas does. Hell, compounding on that aside from the Leafs-Panthers series (lol. lmao.) the entire second round has mostly been two sides just trading absolute beatdowns back and forth. Dallas got their turn, now it’s Seattle’s.

Let’s grouse about the result while we read the Results:

With the series tied 2-2, the Kraken return to Dallas for Game 5 with a Thursday date to hopefully re-take the lead. That game starts at 6:30pm PT, assuming we’re not waiting on an overtime on the New Jersey-Carolina game.

We’ll see you there, but never forget…

Keep Calm, and Post Zoidberg When We Win.