Kraken Round 2 Game 5 PREVIEW: Back to the DFW area!

Kraken forward Brandon Tanev with his stick caught up by a Dallas Stars player.
Photography provided by @Jennthulhu on Instagram!

The Need To Knows:

  • The Time: 6:30pm PT
  • The Place: American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas
  • Place to Watch: TNT, SportsNet, TVAS
  • Place to Listen: KJR 93.3fm
  • An Opposing Viewpoint: Defending Big D

What Happened Last Game?:

Well, the Kraken had a second period to absolutely forget, and it was all topped off by something that was not called Goaltender interference. This, is the play in question.

Quoth Jared McCann, “I don’t know what the hell Goaltender Interference is.”

Anyway the Kraken couldn’t get anything going ’till the 3rd really, and that’s why the Kraken and Stars are tied 2-2 in the series.

Game Preview:

So! I hope we’re all ready for another cleanse, because as this Second Round has gone, there’s really only been one series that’s been much at all interesting outside of this one…and the Leafs immediately made it uninteresting because now if they lose it’s just “oh they played a second round series and got goalie’d hard” rather than a possible psyche damaging sweep. Lame. I wanted there to be some DEE-RANGED takes coming out of that.

But now we move back to the pure, beautiful series that is Dallas-Seattle. Seattle played a real bad middle frame on Tuesday, but finished the game strong and definitely identified some weaknesses in the Stars’ gameplan that they could learn from. But they’ve already learned most of it in Game 3; they just need to execute their hockey through the first and second period and not let the Stars dictate the early goings of each period, and there’s a series lead on the other side of this game.

Another big area of improvement from last game is testing Oettinger; as good as he is, he’s struggled mightily over the past couple of games. Part of that is Game 4 being extremely low-event, but Game 3 was a rough game for him, and I wouldn’t be surprised at the end of all this that we learn he’s playing hurt somehow. But, until proven otherwise, the Squids have to start forcing him to make those high glove and high blocker saves he was struggling with, and with frequency.

Failure to do so could mean, for the first time in this series, Seattle would trail. What a crazy statement; the Dallas Stars have yet to actively lead against the Seattle Kraken in this series.

Frankly? I see no reason why they should start now.