About Us

Davy Jones Locker Room (DJLR) is a Seattle-based, independent media outlet originally part of Vox Media’s SB Nation series of Blogs; started in 2021, originally edited full-time by Dan Morse. In 2023, the site was given the option to transition away from SBNation, and we gladly took the plunge to fully go it on our own. We specialize in coverage of the Seattle Kraken Hockey Club, a member of the National Hockey League from the fan and enthusiast’s perspective; as well as bringing that same enthusiasm and professionalism to it’s affiliate Hockey Clubs, and the Junior hockey clubs of Washington State and Oregon, as well as provide unique and educated perspectives of the Kraken’s play, on-and-off-ice conduct, and analysis where applicable.

We also aim to provide a space in which fans can engage with content and each other in a stimulating, safe, and fun manner.

Business Manager:

Zaiem Beg

  • Zaiem is the

Editorial Director:

Skyler W. (Sky On Air, Sky)

  • Sky has been with Davy Jones’ Locker Room since day one and has been covering the Kraken since pretty much day one of the inaugural season; having 8 years of experience covering professional and junior hockey, as well as nearly 11 years of broadcasting experience at the local level.
  • In his off time, Sky is accruing a great deal of approximate knowledge of many things; enjoying a good beer, a hot hatchback with good suspension, miniature painting, model building, video games from the years of 1990 to 2003, melodic death metal records, and esoteric hockey trivia.
  • He is also a not-quite-professional graphic artist. He made all of the logos you see around the site!

Our Dedicated Authors:

Sean Mallon (WhatsTheKrak)

  • Sean is a Canadian-based fan of the Seattle Kraken. He has written for a number of hockey sites such as TheHockeyWriters.com, and OilonWhyte.
  • Sean is considering publish a novel one day.

Em Rupp (EnbyKraken)

Social Media Manager:

Melanie (Mels)