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Kraken @ Oilers RECAP: Evander Kane hat trick dooms Seattle

Player Photography provided by @Jennthulhu_Photoson Instagram.

How does this team keep finding ways to hurt us?

The Highlights, if you dare

Game Notes

  • Your TOI Leader was Vince Dunn, who finished the night with 23:34 TOI logged.
  • I simply don’t know what to say anymore. They had one of the best 2nd periods of the entire season; one that actually gave the impression they’d learned from their issues and finally, at long last, gotten their act together…and then spent the entire third period turtling, paying for it, and handing Evander Kane a hat trick. I just don’t know what you take from this beyond a painful fact; The Kraken are merely okay this year. Not nearly as bad as the Sharks, but definitely still struggling to be on even the same level as the Ducks, who are rocketing past them in the standings.
  • What’s eating me lately is apparently the complete inability to play a complete, consistent, 60 minute hockey game right now. It’s like they can only make about 40 minutes of hockey work for them before a period of actual embarrassment that nearly always spells their doom at this point. It’s coming from coaching, it’s coming from effort, it’s doing all of that together.
  • Daccord had an .871 SV% tonight, and as I have said over and over and over again, I genuinely cannot think of a goaltender alive, retired or dead that could have a .900 SV% with the net-front effort this team has had.
  • Though, if there were an element of the offense I’d like to criticize, it feels like absolutely nobody knows where the puck is going to be after it’s shot, and therefor no Kraken forwards adjust their position on the ice, which gets them flat-footed when the other team gets a block and springs for transition. While talent having horrific years is a part of this…part of it does involve coaching. This needs changing. Something needs to be done…Anything needs to be done between the two sides of the puck. This can’t continue if the Kraken want to be competitive.
  • If the Kraken feel like this isn’t the year to be competitive on the other hand? It might be time to consider adjusting Ron Francis’ plan for the team slightly, because this roster may have need of augmentation.
  • Another blown 2+ goal lead. Another one.
  • Pierre Edouard Bellemare got absolutely rocked by Adam Erne with an elbow to the head and somehow finished this game. The Oilers also basically did everything they could to hold him down while they tied the game. Great work there, DoPS! Very cool.
  • Power Play went 0-for-5. Man-Advantage is broke and it’s been broke for a good long time.
  • One shot in OT but hey that’s what happens when you don’t win in regulation.
  • Better beat the Islanders tomorrow night! Or we’re gonna have words!

Was there anything Positive about this game?

I guess?

  • Pierre-Edouard Bellemare scored the 2nd goal and was otherwise a man playing like he had deeply missed the game in his short absence. Great assist by Kartye on his goal as well; got over a lot of Oilers sticks. I really, really hope he isn’t hurt long-term from that Erne elbow.
  • Jordan Eberle certainly didn’t look like a man who had his leg sliced open on his assist to Jared McCann. He was composed, played a good game even with guys on top of him, and handled the puck well. Welcome back, Ebs.
  • Alex Wennberg has been having a hell of a season this year for all the wrong reasons, so it’s nice for him to get the insurance goal and on a great play where he had to get a shot off with an Oiler basically hanging off of him.
  • Penalty Kill was Spotless again. If only the Power Play could stop cribbing from their notes.

The Charts

No rest for the wicked, as we are deep in the midst of the Kraken’s first back-to-back. They return home tomorrow to play the New York Islanders at 7pm PT.

Two very desperate teams trying to figure out what they want to be.

Keep Calm, and Post Zoidberg When We Win