Kraken Game 36 GAMETHREAD: Vs. Los Angeles!

Can you believe the Kings almost took three months to get here? Wild how those schedule makers wanted all those Eastern Conference teams to come out first before division rivalry could fester.

The Kings are 3rd in the Pacific, bolstered largely by youth and just the right kind of veteran talent: Not Entirely Awful talent! Slovenian superstar Anze Kopitar once again being a fantastic two way player, the revival of Adrian Kempe’s entire life, and Philip Danault’s defense-first play has made them a wildly unpleasant team to play; combined with their slowly rebuilding defense and the rise of Cal Petersen in net, this will be one hell of a game for the Kraken to try and win. But they’re gonna have to put their anchors into it, because it does not get better from here: the most winnable game on the schedule right now looks like that afternoon tilt on Monday, and as even the blindest of optimists, it still feels like that’s a game that could get squirrelly on them.

The Kraken need to pull themselves out of this tailspin somehow, and it’s better to start on the weekend and go into Monday with some momentum than have this godforsaken losing streak follow them home for the next few weeks and just torment them.

Question of the Thread: LA is the town of movie stars and cinematic traffic. What’s the longest you’ve ever sat in traffic? For me it was almost four hours.