Kraken Preseason Game 1 PREVIEW: The Deep Stirs!

Welcome back!

The Need to Knows:

The Time: 7pm PT

The Place: Climate Pledge Arena in Beautiful Seattle, Washington

Place to Watch: ROOT Northwest

Place to Listen: Kraken Audio Network, 93.3FM KJR

Know Your Enemy:

The Oilers are currently any-%ing being the slimiest team in the NHL with the acquisition of actual disaster and bankruptcy candidate Evander Kane, and sex pest Jake Virtanen. Other than that, they’ll be likely be bringing a good chunk of their prospect pool and depth, as well as new goalie Jack Campbell just like the Kraken are, so we’ll keep the venom of an organization being addicted to keeping Connor McDavid placated to a minimum…


Game Notes:

The Kraken have been running morning and afternoon training camp skates for the young fellas and for the vets, and their most recent sets looked a little like this:

It looks like that there’ll be no Shane Wright this evening, as with the back to back I imagine they want to spread out the ice time as much as possible since the Kraken didn’t participate in the myriad prospect challenges that were going on over the last couple of weeks across the league (the closest one would’ve been the NHL Rookie Faceoff in San Jose or the Young Stars Classic in Benicton, BC.) So what better opportunity to get everybody a chance to prove themselves than a little back to back against those Albertan clubs? Let’s see what some time off and some training camp drilling has given our dear Kraken!

Go Squids!