Kraken Game 82 PREVIEW: Seattle’s Pre-Playoff Regular Season Finale!

Eberle Warming up on Ice
Photography provided by Jenn!

The Need to Knows:

  • The Time: 7pm PT
  • The Place: Climate Pledge Arena in Beautiful Seattle, Washington
  • Place to Watch: ESPN+, Hulu (cue me, screeching dial-up noises into the void)
  • Place to Listen: KJR 93.3FM
  • An Opposing Viewpoint: Knights on Ice

Know Your Enemy:

  • The Golden Knights are still First in the Pacific Division, with 109 points, a 6-1-3 record in their last 10 games, and are set to face the Winnipeg Jets in the First Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
  • The Knights’ leading scorer remains Forward Jonathan Marchessault, who has 28 goals in 75 games played.
  • It is not anticipated that the Knights are going to be playing much of their veteran talent to rest them up for the playoffs, but we’ll let you know if that changes.
  • Speaking of their veterans, Mark Stone was seen outside of a non-contact jersey at Knights Practice not too long ago. You guys have fun with that, Winnipeg!
  • Laurent Brossoit has been the de-facto goaltender for the Knights and, well…you know how he’s doing, you saw him play on Tuesday night.

Game Preview:

Game 82 before the playoffs. Two teams destined to go to the Western Conference bracket and…mostly avoid each other until the WCF, if we’re looking at the bracket.

What a time to be alive; two teams who need to play this game because of scheduling but don’t want to get a single person hurt while doing so.

The Kraken and Golden Knights have met three times this year and the Knights currently have the advantage after Tuesday’s debacle, where it was mostly Seattle unloading a metric ton of bullets into their own feet; making life infinitely easier for Vegas. While I would love nothing more than the Kraken to totally obliterate the Knights, the reality of the upcoming playoffs is that every poor decision made that could significantly impact the health of the roster so as far as I’m concerned…Let the game shake out however you want.

Seattle’s opponent still isn’t entirely decided thanks to the Central Division’s top 3 swapping spaces over and over again, but it’s looking increasingly like it’s a Seattle-Colorado series to begin Round 1, which…does have some maybe-sorta-kinda advantages? There’s no point in trying to get over LA right now, although that will happen if they win tonight and the Kings somehow beef it against the Ducks. If they do end up beefing it against the Ducks, I demand they get swept because c’mon…it’s the Ducks.

Regardless! We have one final game to play, and then we need to hyper-focus our energies towards Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs; the first the Seattle Kraken will ever face. That’s fun. Exciting, even! Maybe a little scary, but fun all the same.

Let’s just sit back and enjoy this one for what it is: two playoff teams warming up for the real show.