Seattle Kraken sign UFA Logan Morrison to 3 year ELC

Morrison skates on the ice
CHL Images

Ottawa 67’s Forward Logan Morrison has had a long road to where he is now, and much to think about. But now he should consider what he’ll look like in Kraken blue.

Seattle and Ottawa both announced today that the Guelph, Ontario native has signed with the Kraken on a three year, $950,000 contract:

Morrison, a Center, has had a very interesting OHL career. Slowly rising up over the course of his five years from the Hamilton organization into being a major force of goalscoring. After becoming an OHL champion and reaching the 100 point season milestone, he was traded to Ottawa in one of those patented CHL trades that loads up on picks for years to come, as they want to go all in and win not just the league, but the Memorial Cup this year. The Bulldogs were well out of the running, so while it was bittersweet to lose him, it was better for them to think about the future.

He’s definitely kept his side of the bargain for the Barber Poles; being in the top 10 of OHL scoring alongside David Goyette (another Kraken Prospect), and becoming Ottawa’s nominee for the OHL’s MVP award:

Because the 67’s are considered favorites to win the OHL altogether, and are still awaiting their 2nd round matchup against the Peterborough Petes, Morrison still has a long way to go before he ever sees life as a Coachella Valley Firebird. Still, it’s good for him to get some solid playoff experience with a great team in order to get him ready for the kind of pace postseason hockey can provide.

We here at DJLR welcome him to the Kraken organization, and we hope you all help to welcome him as well!