Kraken Game 57 GAMETHREAD: vs. Washington!

Can you believe that both of these are going through a slump? It’s just the Caps can’t commit to it like the Kraken can. HAVE SOME RESPECT AND SLUMP LIKE A PRO, WASHINGTON.

But yeah, Caps are good but they’re going through some tribulation, particularly at home where right now they’re sitting on a rough patch of games. They’ve figured it out against the Canes, but is it a turnaround? Or just a good night? Let’s see if the Kraken can find out.

The big key here, as it will be until March 13th, is NOBODY MUST GET INJURED. The Squids already have some ugly injury luck and having the League’s least safe player imaginable on the ice could knock a player out of contention for trade. Ron needs this east coast trip to showcase his wares.

This is also a great night for the broadcast booth: John Forslund is joined by Alison Lukan! This might be a DAMN good night for live analysis.

Question of the Thread: Why does DC have such a bizarre lack of places to eat in it’s downtown? Wrong answers only