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Kraken Game 35 GAMETHREAD: vs. Dallas!

Texas hockey is here. Yee, and I cannot stress this enough, Haw.

NHL: JAN 09 Stars at Blues

Seattle vs. Dallas tonight! Let's set the mood.

Dallas has had an interesting year: gone are the days when Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin were the one-two punch on offense, it's now Jason Robertson and Roope Hintz's show to run. They're in a period of transition: what do you do when your team is that old and yet also that young? Jake Oettinger seems to be the way in net, but also Brayden Holtby is back from the dead. Where do you go? Well, if you're the Stars, you make up the middle of the conference.

The Kraken's key to victory tonight is scoring: the Stars are a team that can cause real trouble if left to their own devices, but have had fits and starts all season. If they can get up early, chances are they'll stay ahead.

...but we know that hasn’t always worked.

Question of the Thread: A lot of media types have strong negative opinions about Dallas' jerseys. Do you have opinions about them?