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Kraken vs. Wild RECAP: Seattle shutout by Wild, brings losing streak to 8

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Man I thought this team couldn’t hurt me anymore and they somehow did it for the eighth consecutive time.

Jesus christ.

The Highlights, not for the faint of heart

Game Notes

  • Man do you even want to know who was on the ice the longest for this? It was Vince Dunn for almost 24 minutes.
  • The Kraken are running out of steam quickly. I’ll give them some….not a lot, but some credit; they are extremely injured and it’s getting to the point where they may have to begin using Long-Term Injured Reserve in order to preserve their cap space, what little of it remains, but this was a night in which the Kraken only barely shot the puck, their inability to make it out of their own end and into their opponent’s end was fully on display, and the absolutely unacceptable effort in the third period sealed it. It’s the same thing. Over and over again. Net front defense. Passing being off. Poor shot selection. Bobbling the puck at the worst time. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.
  • And look, if the goal is the slow build; cool. I am fine with the slow build. Honestly? I like teams that are building, I like seeing where it goes. I like the progression from non-entity to contender. I am all for that because it makes games interesting. I am fine with the slow build. David Hakstol cannot be the man in charge of its on-ice product anymore. It has become abundantly clear he has either lost the locker room entirely or he doesn’t have the on-ice personnel to execute his vision…and most of the players are the same ones. A shooting percentage crash explains some of this, not all of it. There is something at the system level that needs changing, and Hakstol either needs to put in extra effort to figure it out and start arranging deck chairs on this rapidly sinking boat, or get lost. It’s your choice, Ron and Dave. Make it at your leisure.
  • It would be easier to take maybe if they were playing a better team but the Wild are awful right now. They used to have a stereotype of being boring and kind of defensively oriented and they’re living down to the worst possible version of it. The Kraken lost to that Wild. Good god, what is it going to take?
  • You did this on a day the Hawks got pantsed in front of the entire division, too? Have you no souls? Don’t you know we’re in spain without the “s”?
  • My thoughts on this team, generally.

So there wasn’t anything positive from this game, I take it?

What do you think?

The best play a Kraken player made was Joey Daccord making an absolutely unbelievable save. He was the only player who seemed capable of doing his job tonight.

Shoutouts to fellow witnesses of this nonsense; Emerald City Hockey. We’re all in this horrorshow of a losing streak together.

The Charts

You got outchanced and completely pushed to the outside with specific exception by the goddamn 2023-24 version of the Minnesota Wild.

Hang your head in shame, Kraken.

The Kraken remain at home, welcoming the Florida Panthers to Climate Pledge on Tuesday.

We’ll see if this losing streak goes from merely bad, to possibly historical.

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