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Kraken Game 39 RECAP: Seattle just beats the brakes off of Montreal for 60 straight minutes and wins 4-0

I wrote this midway through the second period, confident in the knowledge neither the Kraken could blow it nor that the Habs had the fortitude to win.

Seattle Kraken v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Well, that game sure happened at Montreal. On to Buffalo for a challenge, I guess.

But first, the highlights!

Game Notes:

  • Your TOI leader was Vince Dunn who finished the night with 21:44 logged and two points!
  • Eeli Tolvanen once again proving himself to be a wonderful example of found money as he picked up yet another goal. He’s got 3 goals in 5 games with the Kraken so far, and a weird quirk of it all...Vince Dunn has been the primary assister on all of them. Funny how hockey works sometimes.
  • This game, for the record, is how you prove beyond a shadow of a doubt your Kraken have improved dramatically year over year. Sure, the Kraken have their hiccups and boy they love themselves a dumb losing streak here and there, but this was a good team showing up and never allowing it to be even within the realm of Close; the Habs finished the first period with a grand total of two shots. The Kraken got nearly as many shots on goal in the 2nd period as the Habs had all game to that point. They got ran down by Seattle tonight and they deserved to be.
  • Maybe the easiest game Martin Jones has ever played, and in the extremely few times he was asked to show up, he did. You earned your shutout, Jonesy. Have a lap!
  • Yet another 2 point night for multiple Kraken, this time it was Dunner, Tolvanen, Gourde, and of course Beniers. Frankly I’m starting to think the NHL should just send the Calder to Matty ahead of time on April 13th and we can have a big long ceremony about it before the postseason starts.
  • I said at the top that I almost felt bad for the Habs, and the reason I almost felt bad is that when they weren’t being absolutely putrid at all phases of the game, they were probably committing some kind of extralegal violence on the Kraken. Sprong nearly got his dome cracked after the whistle by Jake Evans, Yanni Gourde took a stick up high and began bleeding. Have fun trying that elsewhere!
  • Another 5 game win streak. I’m not even impressed anymore I just assume they’re gonna do that.
  • No rest for the wicked! Seattle’s got a date with Buffalo in a few hours!

Let’s look at how badly the Kraken whipped Montreal via NaturalStatTrick’s funny little charts!:

Look! The boys made a compass!

The Kraken are headed to Buffalo now to take on the surging Sabres tomorrow night at 4pm PT.

Let’s keep this energy going ‘till the boys come home!