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Game 48 RECAP: Kraken’s slow start can’t be overcome in 4-2 Loss

Turns out losing your most valuable center for even a couple of days really f%$king hurts.

NHL: Calgary Flames at Seattle Kraken Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Get well soon, Matty. This team needs you.

But first, the “Highlights”:

Game Notes:

  • Your TOI leader was Vince Dunn, who logged 27:37. Much of that was due to a grueling three and a half minute shift because of how poorly the Kraken came out last night.
  • Tonight, we learned a very valuable lesson on just what Matty Beniers, even if he’s been a bit cold lately, brings to the team. The Flames absolutely pantsed the Kraken at even strength and particularly in the first and then coasted for most of the rest of the game. We’ve occasionally seen what this team looks like when it’s at it’s worst, and it looks a lot like last year’s team. I can say with confidence that first period was as “2021-22 Kraken” as I’ve ever seen outside of that accursed inaugural season.
  • Tolvanen got on the board again which is good, and it’s nice that John Hayden got his first goal with the Kraken. Had Wennberg gotten to keep his goal tonight we might be having a different conversation.
  • Speaking of which, goaltender interference! I don’t know if it was that bad but I don’t own a striped shirt! At least, not one with an orange band on it somewhere.
  • At some point you gotta take the opportunities in front of you; the Squids had 5 chances on the power play and, if you can’t count Wennberg’s taken-away tally, they scored on none of them. This unit, or this system, desperately needs a shakeup to give this offense something more dynamic.
  • The killer tonight was some insane puck luck that forced the Kraken defense to constantly backcheck and just kinda...puckwatch. Gonna need to be way more active in your own end in breaking up plays today, gentlemen. The next two games are against offensively challenged squads. You’d better figure this out.
  • Whatever. Just win tonight. and hopefully they’ll be right back on top where they belong.

Let’s dissect this further from the charts at

Jeez. Look at how crowded those goals were for Calgary. Defense has to be way better than that.

No rest for the wicked, for the Kraken are hosting the Columbus Blue Jackets tonight at home, with the puck drop coming on 7pm PT.

Let’s get back to the Fun Kraken, shall we?