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Kraken Game 44 RECAP: Squids fall flat in 5-2 Loss

Guess the back-to-back was a little much.

NHL: Seattle Kraken at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

On to New Jersey it is.

But first, the “Highlights”:

Game Notes:

  • Your TOI leader was Vinnie Dunn, who played 27:25.
  • Part of the Oilers’ success was not just the A-game of several great players, but also some absolutely absurd puck luck that got them up. That puck moves even less on goal 2, do the Oilers even notice it? If Bjorkstrand can thread the pass to Gourde successfully, does Tolvanen do...that? The Kraken just didn’t have it in a game where the Oilers took only the highest danger shots and any rebounds became live grenades.
  • Martin Jones got a good look at what life was like last year, in that improbable bounces seemed to be the norm against any foe more than willing to pop them home. His SV% was bad and honestly he didn’t have an ideal night.
  • Jones also got a great look at what Phillip Grubauer has had to deal with because frankly it’s a little embarrassing how the Kraken played in front of him. They left way too many passing and shooting lanes open, they clumped up in areas of the ice like they were puckwatching...they didn’t look sharp at all, and they paid for it.
  • On the bright side, Daniel Sprong is still very, very good, alongside Jordan Eberle.
  • On another bright side, Vince Dunn has been on an 8 game points streak over the past few games and it’s a damn shame that he’s also been critical to the Kraken even being in some games. Gotta get a little bit more from the rest of the lineup coming into Thursday.
  • This wet fart of an effort was Seattle’s 9th game in 14 days, I think we’re finally starting to see some fatigue set in, and hopefully the prolonged stay at home will help alleviate this and they can get themselves going.

Let’s dissect this through the charts at

Gotta be better than that. Gotta be waaay better than that.

The Kraken get a day off to come home, then face the New Jersey Devils on Thursday back at Climate Pledge. That game drops the puck at 7pm PT.

We’ll see you there, and we’ll get back into this.