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Kraken to be nationally televised 10* times this year

About 10ish percent of the schedule will see the Kraken on national TV!...for the most part.

Seattle SuperSonics v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

As the season draws ever closer and we await the opening of pre-season, the national TV schedule has been released for every team, ensuring that the Kraken will be seen by all for at least ten games! Almost all of whom will be at Climate Pledge this season!

...Kind of. Thanks to the TV deal also involving streaming, in reality about six of the ten Kraken national games will not be on over-the-airwaves cable, but instead on Hulu and ESPN+, because even being on TV these days has a boatload of caveats.

As a positive, none of the games be at 4pm PT in order to keep the East Coast happy!

The National TV Schedule is as follows, all times are Pacific. Bold indicates an on-cable game. Italicized indicates a streaming game:

  • Vs. St. Louis, October 19th @ 7pm, on TNT
  • Vs. Nashville, November 8th @ 7pm, on TNT
  • Vs. Minnesota, November 11th @ 7pm, on ESPN+/Hulu
  • Vs. Edmonton, December 30th @ 7pm, on ESPN+/Hulu
  • Vs. New York Islanders, New Years Day @ 5pm, on ESPN
  • Vs. Anaheim, March 7th @ 7pm, on ESPN+/Hulu
  • @ San Jose, March 16th @ 7:30pm, on ESPN+/Hulu
  • Vs. Anaheim (again), March 30th @ 7pm, on ESPN+/Hulu
  • Vs. Arizona (god I hope they’ve already won at ASU by then please don’t let Seattle be the ones), April 6th @ 7:30pm, on ESPN+/Hulu
  • Vs. Vegas, April 13th @ 7:30pm, on ESPN

Everything else is, as always, on ROOT Northwest where the quality belongs. Man, it still bites that over half this list is on streaming...

I guess the Kraken will just have to make TNT and ESPN regret it. Oh well!