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Kraken select Ben Macdonald 91st overall via trade with Boston

And here Ron Francis makes a very intriguing choice as a soon to be college boy enters the deep!

Now this...this is an interesting pick. Maybe not perfect, might be a bit risky...but if you can make it work? This is an interesting pick.

First, the Kraken traded the 117th and 132nd pick to get this pick from the Boston Bruins:

...and then used it to select forward Ben MacDonald, who played high-school prep hockey in Massachusetts, and will be headed to Kelowna next year to play in the BCHL, and then Harvard in 2023 to play for the Crimson. It should be noted that Harvard does not have athletic scholarships, so if nothing else, this kid seems to have either good communication skills or good brains, and both are good to have in hockey.

MacDonald had a pretty strong year given the relative competition available to him at the US High School level, he’s definitely NHL-sized, but other than that...he’s kind of a mystery pick. High School is EXTREMELY underscouted in hockey, so it’s hard to say exactly what we’re looking for when it comes to his play; he seems to be a good shooter, and he can definitely create plays when’s just we have a very low sample size.

Ben MacDonald’s Stats

Season Team League GP G A TP PIM
Season Team League GP G A TP PIM
2019-2020 Team Red USA-S15 4 0 1 1 0
Noble & Greenough School USHS-Prep 27 1 1 2 -
2020-2021 Noble & Greenough School USHS-Prep - - - - -
East Coast Wizards 16U AAA 16U AAA - - - - -
2021-2022 Team White USA-S17 4 2 0 2 2
East Coast Wizards 18U AAA 18U AAA - - - - -
Noble & Greenough School USHS-Prep 22 14 15 29 4
2022-2023 West Kelowna Warriors BCHL - - - - -
2023-2024 Harvard Univ. NCAA - - - - -

Mystery box! Mystery box!

Please welcome Ben Macdonald to the deep!