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Seattle Kraken select Niklas Kokko with the no. 58 pick

A new boy for our goalie squad.

Niklas Kokko celebrates a teammate’s goal with glove hand up in the air, donning the uniform of Team Finland and a blue goalie mask that says “Suomi” along the bottom Photo by RvS.Media/Monika Majer/Getty Images

With their third pick of the second round, the Seattle Kraken went for a player in a much-needed position: goaltending. Niklas Kokko is a 6’3” Finnish goaltender playing for Kärpät of Liiga.

Kokko obviously isn’t going to immediately break out onto the scene and be the fix to the Kraken’s goaltending woes from last season. In fact, goaltending prospects usually take more time in the pipeline to develop before they truly come into their own.

However, Kokko might be set on a path to develop at a faster pace. Time will ultimately tell, but this Finnish goaltender is playing with the main Kärpät team next season instead of their U20 squad. It boasts well for his progression in net.

In 29 games with Kärpät’s U20 team, he posted 2.06 goals against average and a .914 save percentage. He also won bronze with Finland during the U18 World Junior Championship and posted a win in the sole game he played for his country that tournament.

Kokko’s Stats

Year Team League Games Played Goals Against Average Save %
Year Team League Games Played Goals Against Average Save %
2018-2019 Kärpät U16 U16 SM-sarja Q 13 2.15 0.917
Kärpät U16 U16 SM-sarja 16 3 0.908
2019-2020 Kärpät U16 U16 SM-sarja Q 1 3 0.824
Finland U16 YOG 1 12 0.692
Kärpät U16 U16 SM-sarja 1 1 0.978
Kärpät U18 U18 SM-sarja 25 - 0.932
Kärpät U20 U20 SM-sarja 1 - 0.923
Finland U16 (all) International-Jr 7 - 0.819
2020-2021 Kärpät U18 U18 SM-sarja 22 - 0.925
Kärpät U20 U20 SM-sarja 0 - -
2021-2022 Finland U18 Hlinka Gretzky Cup 4 4.11 0.891
Kärpät U20 U20 SM-sarja 29 2.06 0.914
Kärpät Liiga 1 0 1
Finland U18 WJC-18 1 2 0.895
Finland U18 (all) International-Jr 4 2.9 0.901
2022-2023 Kärpät Liiga - - -

There seem to be no signs of the Kraken trading away any of this stash of picks today, so we’ll keep plugging right along to pick number 61.