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Lightning Quick IIHF Worlds Recap!

The IIHF World Championships wrapped up on Sunday! Let’s get up to speed on how everybody did and more importantly, how the Kraken out in Finland performed!

Canada v Czechia - IIHF Ica Hockey World Championship Photo by Andrea Re/LiveMedia/NurPhoto via Getty Images

A Quick run down of the facts!:

What was it?: You know how the Stanley Cup is like the big thing in hockey? Well, if you were born in not-North America, your Stanley Cup is the IIHF World Championships. Kinda. Lord Stanley is still pretty important.

Where was it?: In Finland! In beautiful Tampere and Helsinki!

Who won?: Worlds runs on a medal system, so here’s how the top (and bottom) shook out this year:

  • Finland held on to beat Canada to win gold, going undefeated in regulation, winning their 2nd gold medal in three years, and their first Olympic gold medal. Leijonat is having the year to remember!
  • Canada tried their best, but could only do well enough to get to OT before Finland reminded everyone why they’re Greatest Hockey Power. They get silver.
  • The Czechs looked dead in the water and got three NHLers, and suddenly turned their entire tournament around, punctuating it with a hell of a Bronze Medal game against the USA: winning Bronze in an 8-4 goalfest!
  • In the Relegation rounds: There wasn’t a regulation game this year (which sucks, because it’s usually the best game that isn’t played for a medal), so the United Kingdom and Italy unfortunately must bow out for a year and give up their spot to Hungary and Slovenia! Welcome to the Championship, guys!

Kraken at the World Championships:

For Canada...

Chris Dreidger and Morgan Geekie were part of the silver medal winning squad! Driedge finished the tourney with a .914 SV% in 6 games played! Geekie got a goal and an assist on the way to the Final game. Good on you guys!

For Germany...

None other than dearest Grubert, Philipp Grubauer, graced the Deutsches net. He shared the net with three other players and was by far the best; finishing the tournament with 2 of Germany’s five wins, and a .904 SV%. Die Eismannschaft unfortunately bowed out in the Quarterfinals after running into a surging Czechia. Better luck next time!

For the United States...

Karson Kuhlman found himself a spot on the American team, and acquitted himself quite nicely: finishing the tournament with 2 goals and 2 assists! The Americans unfortunately stumbled against eventual world champs Finland...and then man, the Czechs just BLASTED the Yanks to cinders in the Bronze Medal game.

For Sweden...

Adam Larsson made his way for Tre Kronor, who got a goal and an assist in 8 games. The Swedes honestly had a bit of a disappointing tourney: winning all but one of their games and then frittering away a sure lead against Canada in the Quarterfinals. They’ll be back in the knockout round again for sure, but that’s gotta sting to have such a good tourney cut so short.

Looking to the future!

  • Worlds will be bouncing between Tampere, Finland and Riga, Latvia next year!
  • Hopefully they’ll bring back the best of 3 Regulation games. Those were fun.
  • It’s Finland’s tournament to lose again.
  • Hopefully the Kraken will be getting more representation at Worlds next year, but also not too much; we want them to be over by King County for as long as we can!

Also we’ll be releasing some Draft guides soon! Keep an eye out!

Congratulations to the Finns for their big Gold medal win! And to all Kraken who participated in Worlds this year!