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Kraken Game 75 GAMETHREAD: vs. Senators!

The Sens come to Seattle!

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NHL: Seattle Kraken at Ottawa Senators Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

The Rebuild is over, so sayeth the Sens.

That was then, but this is now and uh...yeah, it looks like the Sens are still rebuilding. It doesn’t help that their complicated and very uh...interesting owner, has passed away, and they’re currently in the stages of transition from one group to the next. Oh, and they have long-reviled hockey commentator Pierre Mcguire as assistant GM, so I would say their “rebuild” is still set for a long, long time.

They still have plenty of decent talent; Tim Stützle, artist of gaming the refs, is still a pain, as well as noted pest Brady Tkachuk, so the Kraken need to watch out for them. The secret to winning against the Sens here is pressure: For as much of an offensively talented team they are, sustained pressure causes their defense nothing short of a billion problems.

Question of the thread!: Ever been to a pure government town?