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Kraken Game 47 GAMETHREAD: Vs. Arizona (Yet Again!)

Some desert dogs come visit the deep tonight. Let’s send them packing.

Seattle Kraken v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Norm Hall/NHLI via Getty Images

Hey how’s things for the Coyotes right now?

Yeah that’s about right.

But more importantly, the Kraken are unfortunately one of those “lucky” 11 to have lost a game to the Yotes. I feel as if the Seattle Kraken are more than due to bring these moribund Coyotes behind the woodshed...just like every other team in the NHL, I guess.

Question of the day: The Coyotes are seriously considering moving to Arizona State for games since Gila River’s kicking them out at the end of the season. Do you laugh at this from the chest, or from the head?