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Kraken Game 52 GAMETHREAD: Vs. Vancouver! (Yet Again!)

The Battle for the Pacific Northwest rages on!

Vancouver Canucks v Seattle Kraken Photo by Christopher Mast/NHLI via Getty Images

Seattle vs. Vancouver. Many fans might be split thanks to regional allegiances, but tonight, we will see this fight continue, until the Northwest is won.

After their post-Boudreau hiring surge, the Canucks are sort of settling in at a comfortable pace. They probably won’t make the playoffs but they’re getting their scoring where it counts and their young guys seem to like playing hockey again, and Thatcher Demko looks like a major problem going forward. They did just get skunked by Anaheim’s 4th favorite activity, so they’ll be looking to bounce back big, just like the Kraken.

Really, the big thing to attack here is keeping their defense moving: They have some big boys on that defense but they’re also harboring some old and infirm men who are getting carried by their D-Partners. Puck movement will force holes. Holes will force shooting lanes, shooting lanes become goals. Keep that going, you’re all in baby.

Question of the Thread!: Why is beer from Seattle inherently better than beers made in Canada?