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Kraken Game 21 RECAP: Kraken eke out win over Ducks in scrappy 5-4 win!

Sometimes you gotta have a rough night to show your true colors.

NHL: Seattle Kraken at Anaheim Ducks Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

This took way longer than it should’ve.

But first, the Highlights!

Game Notes

  • Your TOI leader was Adam Larsson, who logged 24:50 and by all accounts had a busy night, as he and Jamie Oleksiak added a substantial amount of PK time to it.
  • David, we’ve been quiet about each other, you and me. I thought we had an understanding. But it appears that discipline is now once again a major issue for you against teams you really shouldn’t be having discipline issues with. Clamp down on the penalties. Anaheim may not be great but they’re still full of young talent that can score like crazy. You will pay for it if given the opportunity and the Kraken did tonight; the Ducks were 3 for 4. That simply can’t happen again.
  • In general that second period could be described as a microcosm of last season: do a lot of genuinely good things like an improvement on their power play and then have some dumb stuff happen that made the game closer than it needed to be, including two potentially backbreaking power play goals against. Thankfully this year’s Kraken showed up for the 3rd or there’d be a lot of bad vibes to go around.
  • Martin Jones started with a decent night, then had a rough night, then turned back around and had a pretty solid 3rd period to total up to perhaps a less than idea .862 SV%. Not an ideal performance by the defense in front of him of course, but you’d want at least some kind of save in the 2nd.
  • Of course, John Gibson had an even worse night, being even sub .800% and got hurt on the way out. Just a brutal night defensively for both sides, but thank god the Kraken held the line just long enough to get 2 points.
  • Meanwhile in all this chaos, Matthew Beniers himself had a 3 point night including a goal, meaning he’s now first on the leaderboard of rookie points by 5. I guess when your alma mater torches their rival you get a boost?
  • 2 point night for Daniel Sprong! Continuing to hold his end of the bargain by being nothing but value.
  • Of course, the big issue that the Kraken will have to deal with is that Morgan Geekie needed to leave the game early after colliding with Adam Larsson on accident. We hope that it’s just a day-to-day sort of thing, and he can return quickly. Until then...y’know Shane Wright’s been really good in California...WRIGHTWATCH may be back on before we know it.
  • Hey East Coast writers that fell asleep at 8:30 PT, is 8-1-1 in your last ten, including having denied four of your Pacific Division opponents points over the last week good? Asking for a buncha you folks who apparently don’t have ESPN+ or a working tablet.
  • On a more lighter note, good on the Kraken Radio Network crew who had to be on national television on short notice due to ROOT Northwest having an audio issue before the game. They do good work to begin with, but they knocked it out of the park on this game. Good work all around.
  • Keep calm, and post Zoidberg when we win.

Kraken get a day off for travel, then finish the road trip in Los Angeles against the Kings on Tuesday. Puck drops at 7:30pm PT. See you then!