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Kraken thump Penguins in 3-1 Victory!

The only thing sure about the Kraken is that nothin’s for sure. At least it means they keep pace!

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Seattle Kraken Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Nobody has better response games this year than Seattle, it seems.

But first, the Highlights!:

And Now, the Game Notes:

  • The Kraken’s TOI leader was Adam Larsson with 23 minutes and 49 seconds at all strengths, though Vince Dunn was a very close second.
  • Morgan Geekie getting that rebound goal was A) an excellent shot and good for him for reacting as he did, and B) it capped off a night where he led the charge on the analytics for the night, holding 69.23 Shots-For-% (Nice) and 72.73% in Unblocked Shots-For %.
  • Whoo boy...let’s get the big thing out of the way: Video Replay. Depending on how you see it, the game either needs it due to the inherent speed of the game leaving too much room for doubt from normal human comprehension, or it’s a tool that teams will use to intentionally slow games down and hold leads they’re not really earning. I will give the Penguins this: At least one of the goals scored on them last night could have been called back, that’s not an issue for me. It’s specifically that the Penguins got a goal called back for something that happened several seconds before the f#!king shot ever left a player’s stick is just asinine. Someday we gotta figure this tech out, but until then, The Hockey Gods don’t like it when you abuse their tools, and boy did the Pens pay for it tonight, and rightfully so.
  • On the positive side? Martin Jones had a wonderful game: 32 of 33 stopped, good for a .970 SV% and boy did he earn it over the course of the last period: There were some five alarm saves going on in the final five minutes of the third.
  • I think over the last ten games, with how wildly inconsistent this team has been and yes, that should be addressed at some point, one unequivocal positive is that this year, the Kraken are mostly taking the game to their opponent. They’ve had some performances where they needed controlled chaos and a little bit of luck, sure, and they’ve definitely had some defensive breakdowns in the third period that sank their game, but this year’s Kraken are not an easy victory. You do have to earn it against them. That’s a big step up from last year.
  • Also I wanna give all the stick taps in the world to the Kraken and Penguins for donating jerseys to specifically help D’vonne Pickett Jr’s family and organizations that meant a lot to him, in honor and in memory of a dude who was nothing but a net positive on Seattle. We hope justice comes through in the end, and that these organizations do well in his stead.

Kraken get Halloween off, then go out to Calgary to face the surging Flames. Puck drop is at 6pm PT, so plan your night accordingly!