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Kraken Game 31 GAMETHREAD: Vs. Calgary!

Back to back for your Boys in Dark Blue.

Calgary Flames v Seattle Kraken Photo by Christopher Mast/NHLI via Getty Images

After stealing a point over the Flyers, the Kraken now have the privilege to say that they have to play a Canadian team, something a majority of the league probably cant say right now thanks know.

The Flames are coming back from being as down and as bad as anyone could ever be both down and bad at the same time: their ENTIRE TEAM was out on Protocol at some point, and now they're coming back from a break so long they may as well have to consider this Game 1 all over again.

Even though the Flames are coming in cold, this team is still a wildly unpleasant one to play: they play tough hockey and their top 6 is as good as any top 5 team in the NHL's. The goal here is to take the lead early and press that advantage until they cant do anything.

Let's go Kraken!

Question of the thread!: any new years resolutions?