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Kraken Game 14 GAMETHREAD: Vs. Anaheim!

The (ex)Mickey Mouse organization meets the Kraken!

Michael Eisner...

So, what to talk about regarding the Ducks...

What indeed...that doesn’t mention Bob Murray...hmm...

Well, in spite of their front office being a hot mess, the Ducks are showing plenty of the promise that they generally want to see in a young, kinda dumb team that has a lot of hope riding on it in the future; they’re third in the division, John Gibson’s as fantastic as he usually is, they’re getting the scoring they wanted out of future Olympian Troy Terry (Trevor Zegras would probably go here to but he’s hurt. :( ), their veteran leadership in Ryan Getzlaf is having a bit of a resurgence, and honestly they look like they’re gonna have a positive season when it’s all said and done to build off of. Critically, they’re also on a big winning streak that started just before Halloween.

Meanwhile the Kraken know. Really, if there’s one area I would like to see the Kraken improve tonight, it’s cashing in on those power plays. While I know it doesn’t look like it recently, this is a team that can absolutely take over a game if given the opportunity, and the work they put in at 5 on 5 can’t be squandered by having a man advantage.

Really I just want a normal game can we have a normal game please

Question of the thread! Do you like the Mighty Ducks movies? I had the VHS set when I were but young.