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Kraken Game 74 GAMETHREAD: vs. New Jersey!

Red versus Blue. A tale as old as time.

NHL: Seattle Kraken at New Jersey Devils Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Behold, the one team that could conceivably say they are more down bad goaltending-wise than the Kraken.

For you see, the Kraken have largely accepted their fate from Dearest Grubert and Chris Dreidger. They knew that they should stick to their men. The Devils however, kept going for bargain bin after bargain bin looking for goaltenders that would be able to handle their otherwise feeble system and...well...


The only thing I could say is the key to victory here is the Kraken should just keep getting shots to the net. Whoever starts for them, I can’t imagine it’ll take long to break through, even for a team starving for goals like Seattle has been.

Question of the Thread: What’s the smallest venue you’ve ever seen a concert in? I saw one in an abandoned gas station once. The experience was