Welcome to The Locker Room

It’s been a long time coming.

Nearly four years ago now, Tim Leiweke, David Bonderman, and the guy that can’t stop making Pirates of the Caribbean movies officially applied to bring a National Hockey League team to the city of Seattle. Two weeks later there were 25,000 people with a deposit to get season tickets. Then the waiting came.

It was a nine-month wait to get official approval for expansion from the league. Another year and a half before there was a team name to root for. Then one more year for a roster to form. And now, mercifully, the wait is over.

The Seattle Kraken will hit the ice on Tuesday night in Las Vegas and we could not be more excited to be there alongside you when they do. Well, not exactly beside you, as many of us won’t be flying down to Vegas to watch it in person and will instead be watching on TV at—you know what never mind, you get the point. We’ll be together in spirit, and here on the internet.

Welcome to Davy Jones’ Locker Room, your new home for all things Seattle Kraken. We know you’re eager to climb aboard and fish out all the news, notes, and nautical puns. We are too. Together, we’re about to build a really special community where we can all discuss the only sports team that’s never disappointed us at the end of the season.

Come on in, the water’s fine. Join the community, get connected with your fellow fans, and let’s set sail together as we watch the Kraken begin their quest to bring Lord Stanley’s Cup back to Seattle.