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The Deep End

Post-game analysis for every Kraken game

Kraken Game 49 RECAP: Kraken rebound strong in 3-1 win!

Before the break, Seattle squeaks back into first place!

Game 48 RECAP: Kraken’s slow start can’t be overcome in 4-2 Loss

Turns out losing your most valuable center for even a couple of days really f%$king hurts.

Kraken Game 46 RECAP: Squids fall in shootout to Avalanche

Close, but no cigar.

Kraken Game 45 RECAP: Burakovsky wins it all in 4-3 OT WIN!

These Squids must be seen to be believed.

Lightning stop Kraken’s win streak, Seattle falls 4-1 to Tampa

Not an ideal homecoming

Kraken shut out Bruins for 7th straight victory

They actually did it!

Game 40 RECAP: Kraken play Sabres tight and WIN 4-3!

You can breathe now.

Kraken Game 39 RECAP: Seattle embarrasses Montreal in 4-0 shutout!

I wrote this midway through the second period, confident in the knowledge neither the Kraken could blow it nor that the Habs had the fortitude to win.

Kraken Game 38 RECAP: Seattle blast Sens out of water with 8-4 WIN!

There was like...maybe two minutes of the entire game where it was close.

Kraken Game 37 RECAP: Seattle has a leaf burning in Toronto, win 5-1!

Seattle’s trip to Toronto yielded nothing but fantastic results!

Kraken Game 36 RECAP: Kraken comeback huge in 5-2 WIN!

Check your six, Edmonton. Squids are a-comin’.

Kraken Game 35 RECAP: Tolvanen gets first goal, Kraken win 4-1!

Now that’s what I call a get-right!

RECAP: Kraken run out of gas in 3rd, Flames win 3-2

They just didn’t have the juice for two points tonight.

Kraken win, force Jets to be renamed to the Winnipeg Boeing 747s

They’re so back

Kraken Game 29 RECAP: Kraken can’t complete comeback, Lose 3-2

Thank god it’s over.

Game 28 RECAP: Lightning and Kraken play real dumb, Kraken lose 6-2

It was a rough one.

Game 27 RECAP: Kraken finally get right, win 5-2!

It was a little slow, and then it super wasn’t in the best possible way!

Game 26 RECAP: Grubauer has decent game! Offense splutters. Kraken lose 4-1

It was close, until a match penalty gave DC what they needed to overcome the Deep.

Game Recap: Shane Wright scores! Goaltending splutters. Kraken lose 4-2

Martin Jones sure had himself a night to forget in a winnable game the Kraken couldn’t overcome.

Kraken lose extremely frustrating game to large group of Florida men 5-1

Winning streak snapped, and on reverse retro night no less

Kraken 23 RECAP: Beniers caps off comeback in 3-2 WIN in OT!

Everybody loves a comeback story!

Kraken Game 21 RECAP: Kraken go Duck hunting, win 5-4 in crazy game!

It doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to work

Game 20 RECAP: Seattle abolishes feudalism, beat Knights 4-2!


Kraken claim deep sea supremacy, defeat Sharks 8-5

And on Yanni bobblehead night too!

Kraken Game 18 RECAP: Kraken ring up another dramatic OT win!

It wasn’t always pretty, but your Kraken are still riding high

Kraken 3, Rangers 2: Kraken reverse their fate in thrilling overtime win

Justin Schultz, you’re my new hero.

Kraken lose to Jets in extraordinarily painful fashion

That was so much fun! Until it wasn’t.

Wild get their revenge with 1-0 shutout over Kraken

Revenge games are supposed to be our thing, guys.

Kraken [insert hunting pun here] Predators, win 5-1

They simply cannot be stopped right now

Game 13 RECAP: Kraken win 3-2, claim complete Antarctic supremacy

Your SECOND IN DIVISION SEATTLE KRAKEN played a desperate team close, and then Turbo got some spicy vengeance late to get the W!

Squids blank Wild 4-0, claim Washington as the new State of Hockey

The Kraken are now fully above .500 again, and they’re now on a three game win streak!

Kraken come back big in wild 5-4 win!

You can’t script a win this good