Shane Wright assigned to Coachella Valley

Kraken Player Holding A Fish
Photo by Jenn!

Shane Wright’s season so far has been a wild one.

After being picked 4th overall thanks to two Slovakian teenagers shaking up the universe, Wright fell to Seattle after months of being the consensus #1 pick. From there, he joined the team and while he showed plenty of promise, he still needed a little time to mature. However, thanks to rules in the CHL requiring Shane Wright to be in Canadian Junior rather than Coachella Valley, Shane Wright’s early time in Seattle was…rocky, and the team received a lot of stink for what should’ve been an entirely understandable situation that was forced upon them: Shane needed seasoning, the Kraken didn’t actually need him right out of the gate…but the rules of Junior hockey forced them to send him to a place he’d already been well-seasoned. So they had to game the system as hard as humanly possible to keep him playing pro level hockey before playing with teenagers again.

From then on, his rollercoaster ride began: he played for Team Canada at the World Juniors and got gold, he got traded to the Windsor Spitfires for just about all the prospects you can legally use, and he went to the OHL playoffs…where fate had yet another bizarre turn for him: showing up with the 1-seeded Spits…and getting swept entirely by the Kitchener Rangers. The first time in nearly 15 years.

And with all that said and done, Wright’s season still isn’t over, as he now sets his sights on returning to the Coachella Valley Firebirds in their hunt for the Calder Cup.

Say, how are the Firebirds doing, anyway?

Great, actually! Thank you for asking!

If you think the Kraken’s season has been surprising, then the Firebirds season should be nothing less than a cause for celebration, as they are currently:

  • 2nd in Division, Conference…and League, only behind the Calgary Wranglers
  • Have a 46-15-4 record
  • A 6-4-0 record over their last ten games
  • A veteran winger in the top 10 of AHL scoring (Max McCormack)
  • An unsigned Rookie leading the entire AHL in rookie scoring (Tye Kartye)
  • Probably get to face a somewhat middling Tuscon Roadrunners squad in the first round.

And that’s just from a bird’s eye view; they’ve been playing out of their minds for months now, and are realistically the only team that has ever given the worldbeater Wranglers any sort of trouble, particularly when a certain someone was in their lineup.

The Firebirds play tonight at 6pm PT versus Bakersfield, and finish up the season on April 15th.

Let’s all wish Shane a happy and productive time when he gets over to Coachella Valley, and back into a uniform I think we all agree…he probably should’ve been in all year.