Kraken Game 55 GAMETHREAD: Vs. San Jose! (Yet Again!)

Well, if you’re still feeling some pain from the Boston game, don’t feel too bad: the Sharks just got their heads punched down their throats by the exact same team, and by all accounts they did not look good while doing it; they mustered their 10th shot of the game by the third period. They’ll be coming into this game quite unhappy and exhausted, so it’s imperative for the Kraken to attack their net quickly and gain a quick lead.

After all, they still got some high-end skill out there in Teal; Hertl’s still a menace, Meier’s quite the defensive challenge, and there’s this young gun by the name of Johnathan Dahlen that’s been charging up the ranks. They can still surprise you…but you have to not be paying attention for it to work for the most part. The Kraken should take ample advantage while they can.

Question of the Thread: Why is Kraken Blue better than San Jose Teal?