Kraken Game 28 GAMETHREAD: vs. San Jose!

Finally, intra-division play against not-Canadian teams. It’s only been what, a month since that last happened? Why you duckin’ the Kraken, Cali? You scared?

Anyway, the Sharks — after being a nightmare on top of a trashfire — have become significantly less of one; the team seems to like each other better, their defense seems to be improving a bit, and their goaltending?…Well, it’s young, so maybe let’s pump the breaks on calling it better. Even their terrible acquisitions of years past seem to be coming back from the dead to be better at hockey this year! It’s a breath of fresh air in NorCal. Golly, I just can’t seem to figure out why that happened…

However, they would do well to try and press the Kraken, because they are not exactly a team that tries to generate shots as much as they’d like, and if there’s nothing else the Kraken are good at, it’s taking over a period. Not something a team with their problems should want.

Question of the Day!: Which is your favorite Jaws sequel? Don’t lie, you’ve watched at least one out of some morbid curiosity.