Kraken Game 25 Gamethread: vs. Pittsburgh!

Ah yes, the Penguins. Quite a team.

It wasn’t too long ago that Pittsburgh was in serious danger of being not just an afterthought, but actively moved prior to getting Marc-Andre Fleury and Sidney Crosby!

…or so the story goes, anyway. I have a hard time believing that was ever the case.

Either way, the Pens have found a decent life balance in the “””waning””” years of Crosby's career: Maybe not full of recognizable names, but always capable of finding low quality talent wherever it might be. The Kraken want to get this game started right, or things could spiral out of control quickly, and that’s not what you want coming into the unpleasantness of Winnipeg and Columbus later in the week.

Question of the Thread: Most teams have “Player of the Year” awards they allow fans to vote for. I know its early, but who would you put as your way-too-early player of the year?