Kraken Game 41 GAMETHREAD: Vs. Florida! (Again!)

Here we are. Halfway mark.

It feels like so long ago that we were huddled up, waiting for that first game against Vegas. It’s been so long…so, so long…

Anyway, Florida’s good, as we all suspected they might be. I cannot think of any traditional markets that might be repeatedly ignoring them, but critically they are 0-1 against the Kraken, who somehow brought their A-Game against one of the league’s top teams with ease. Part of it is that if Sergei Bobrovsky has a bad game…that’s kind of it for the Cats, but the Kraken really did just get the most out of who they are, and I feel like now, even after the drubbing they took from St. Louis, this is the perfect opportunity to make a team that has been rolling stumble in a big way.

Do it, Squids. Make some people sweat.

Question of the Thread: To make any visiting fans from Sunrise feel a little more at home; ever been kicked out of a chain restaurant?