Kraken Game 23 Gamethread: vs. Detroit!

The Kraken are quickly out of teams that they don’t have images in Getty for, this team is really starting to feel like it’s part of the NHL now!

Anyway, the Detroit Red Wings! The team on the rise!

Or, well…starting to rise, anyway. They need to get over the “getting outshot a lot” thing.

Still, the Red Wings are a team with a ton of very exciting young talent: Lucas Raymond has got the Swedish hockey federation begging the IIHF if they can put him on their list, Moritz Seider is looking like the defenseman of the future and a credit to the German hockey program, and of course that all-American goal-scoring machine and local boy; Dylan Larkin. Put all that behind a goaltender they may as well have had dropped on their laps, the future for the Red Wings is bright indeed.

They still uh…have some work to figure out, however. Their game is somewhat anemic if pressed too much, and they can get pinned in their own end pretty easily. The Kraken will have to take ample advantage of that if they want to win tonight.

Question of the Thread!: Any nostalgia for those crazy 90’s Wings?