Kraken Game 16 GAMETHREAD: vs. Colorado!

The Avs have come to town, and if you’re at least a little bit of aware of them, you may be aware of Nathan MacKinnon’s strange eating habits!

…Or the fact that they’re a wagon. Or, well, should be anyway. They started slow this season thanks to a plethora of injuries. Hope that chickpea pasta’s working for you, bud.

But still, one should not sleep on the Avs for any reason. Mikko Rantanen and Gabe Landeskog have been a force to be reckoned with, and man…if this hasn’t been a big step up season for the ref’s favorite player; Nazem Kadri. Kadri’s on a 17 point tear and still one of the most aggressive (to a fault) forwards in the NHL. He’s definitely one to watch out for…especially if he’s been pissed off—guy has a track record of seeing red and doing something impressively stupid.

The keys for surviving this Avalanche? Well…definitely test the goalie early, but absolutely try to attack that Johnson and Johnson pairing if it’s out there; that’s a whole lot of big, slow defender out there. And in general…keep up. The kind of pace that teams like the Avalanche play with is championship material, and in my humble opinion the point of which good teams become great: you don’t get a lot of rest against them. Not a lot of lulls in their game unless they give one to you. You have to match their intensity.

Question of the Thread! What’s the highest point you’ve ever been?

…From sea level, I mean!