Kraken Game 58 GAMETHREAD: vs. Carolina!

To think this isn’t even the worst bit of back-to-back facing the Kraken in the next 40 days. There’s a Minnesota to Dallas in there somewhere.

Anyway, the Canes! The Kraken beat them last time in a 2-1 game that feels so strange to write out in retrospect, given how the other 57 Kraken games have gone so far. The Canes have meanwhile been what they’ve been throughout the regular season; unbelievably good at hockey, one of the best defensive teams to date, and a possession nightmare. No team has allowed fewer goals than them, and no penalty kill has been harder to crack. When you play the Canes, you had better bring your A-Game, because the alternative is agony. The Kraken did it before…can they do it again?

Once again, for at least the next week, the most critical goal of the Kraken is to NOT GET ANYONE HURT. Whatever happens after next Sunday night? That’s what we build towards. Until then, play hard, but play clean, please.

Question of the Thread: BBQ meats of choice, go!