Kraken Game 54 GAMETHREAD: Vs. Boston! (Again)

It’s a coast to coast hockey game baby.

The Bruins have been trying to fight their way through some tribulation with mixed success. Losing Brad Marchand to some typical Brad Marchand shit for six games and Patrice Bergeron to a concussion scare really exposed how the east coast juggernaut has really been slacking on their depth; their centers past the 5-time Selke trophy winner could best be described as misfit toys in a system that really can’t handle misfit toys. Unfortunately, they now have all their ducks in a row, making those misfit toys…easier to handle.

Really, the biggest thing the Kraken need to do is shut down that first and second line. The rest of that team’s depth is better served as penalty kill fodder and punch aficionados. It will be difficult thanks to…well…the McCann thing, but teams on worse slumps than Seattle have done it and they can do it too.

Question of the Thread!: Given how many very obvious points against why the Kraken might lose this game, how are you going to celebrate the inevitable 4-3 victory because that’s how this maelstrom of a team operates?