Kraken Game 29 GAMETHREAD: vs. Anaheim (again!)

From Silicon Valley on Root, to Orange County on TNT. Talk about a change of scenery.

The Ducks have become owners of the 1st spot in the Pacific Division in the time it’s taken these two teams to come back together, and many of their usual suspects are the cause: Troy Terry, Trevor Zegras, his partner in crime Sonny Milano, Even Ryan Getzlaf is experiencing a bit of a very late career renaissance! Good for him! Meanwhile, the Kraken just held the San Jose Sharks to one of their most solid games yet, and the team looks like they’re feeling good after picking up a solid victory. It’s even Yanni Gourde’s birthday today, happy birthday, Yanni!

The Kraken are in for one hell of a game, and I cannot wait to see how they do on a national stage…let’s just hope the National broadcast isn’t as awkward as it was through the first couple of games.

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