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Seattle didn’t go to the All Star Game because they wanted to go on vacation with each other.

It’s All-Star Game weekend…and Matty Beniers will not be part of the festivities, as the injury he suffered some time ago has held him away from the event. It’s a bummer, but that’s sometimes how the cookie crumbles; contact sports means injury from contact.

What’s confusing is that Vegas center Chandler Stephenson ended up being the replacement. Surely there was someone else, anyone else, on the Kraken who would’ve made for a good replacement, right? Vinnie Dunn? Burakovsky?

From what we’ve gathered…it appears that the NHL tried to go ahead and ask the team if they could send somebody…

The entire team opted to go on vacation together over the past week instead.

Some went to Baja to enjoy a little bit of the sun and surf…

Others hung out on the beach with ones they loved…

And others still just wanted to hang out with Uncle Tanev; a lofty and noble goal.

As for our All-Star Game Coverage…well, we’ll tell you if Team Pacific definitely could’ve used Matty B (they could), and drop a gamethread or something. We are officially in no hurry, what with the team’s decision to do a positive thing for their chemistry rather than worry about a game with no stakes. They did have the best record coming out of January after all. I think they’ve well and earned this break. Congratulations to McCann and his beau as well!

We’ll see them back in Deep Blue on the road this Tuesday.

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