A survivor’s guide to the NHL Trade Deadline

Monday is the trade deadline: the single most insane day in hockey. There will be a lot of information thrown at you, and much of it could in fact be complete nonsense. But we’ll be here to help you out with some good pointers to help you through this chaotic time.

Follow the natural trackers!

There are some people who’s job in hockey is mostly to give fairly tame “insider” info about the sport out on social media or on camera. They mill about in the milieu of hockey media being asked questions about teams and will give good answers, but that’s not why you follow them today.

Today, they are the easiest way to get accurate, quick, simple breaking of any trade news.

Guys like Chris Johnston, Elliott Friedman, Frank Seravalli, those are the guys in times like these that are generally considered the easiest way to get your trade news as it happens. Athletic guys are also pretty good for it.

The point of course: The verified media are the people you want to follow in order to keep up with the madness. They will lead you to the news you desire.

Double check your steps.

So there’s this emoji….

Rumors during this time will substantiate from anywhere and everywhere. There will be people trying to fool everybody else into believing someone’s star player has been traded for magic beans. These people are known as “enemies of a free society” and “terrorists”. Do not be deceived. Double check everything. Make sure you’re not being fooled by emojis or by clever ruses. You’ll be much better off.

The point of course: Don’t get caught falling for silly tricks. Sometimes things take a minute to be verified so try your best to have multiple sources.

Generally everything is a bit of an overpay

This appears to be a seller’s market from the early returns on some players, and man if that’s the case then expect to see some steep prices. Players will be moving around like deck chairs, picks will be traded like candy, first rounders will begin to bunch up on three or four teams. This is normal, and this is natural. But why? Well…

The point of course: These teams see a way for their window to both stay open and possibly compete through their player of choice. They will pay through the nose to get whatever they desire and willingly. Be ready for some eyebrow raising prices.

Enjoy the ride

The Kraken aren’t going to be trying to add this year, so any price paid for a Seattle player is a good one. Everyone else around the league will be cutting off their nose to spite their face. It will be utter chaos.

Don’t worry, and let the trade deadline roll.

From here, we can also watch the Trade Deadline in peace. Come and go as you please, react to trades to your heart’s content. We’ll be keeping up with this weekend the whole time.