Kraken Preseason GAME 3 Preview: Clash of Cascadia warm up!

The Need To Knows:

Know your Enemy:

The Canucks cut about 8 players from their training camp, and will be making their way to tonight’s game without Brock Boeser, who will be recovering from wrist surgery.

Game Notes:

With a thinner roster, a svelte shutout record in the preseason, the Kraken are definitely feeling good. Their opponent on the other hand, would very much like to have something, anything positive to talk about in preseason because so far it seems like the Vancouver Canucks are having a rough time: having lost to the Flames twice on one night to begin preseason 0-2, and the Patriarch of the Aqualini family being implicated in some very gross things. One can expect the Canucks to be trying as hard as humanly possible to try and show fans there’s something to root for that isn’t the NHL stepping in and forcing a sale if the allegations become more than just allegations.

Game Rosters:

Will Seattle prevail in the battle of the PNW? Or will the preseason Kraken finally see defeat and give us something other than optimism to report? Let’s tune in tonight to find out!