Kraken Round 2 Game 3 PREVIEW: Coming Home Again!

The Need To Knows:

  • The Time: 6:30pm PT
  • The Place: Climate Pledge Arena in Beautiful Seattle, Washington
  • Place to Watch: TBS, TVAS, SportsNet
  • Place to Listen: KJR 93.3fm
  • Opposing Viewpoint: Defending Big D

What happened last game?:

Regretfully, Seattle couldn’t overcome their discipline issues and defensive SNAFUs, and the Kraken fell to the Dallas Stars to the tune of 4-2, with the Stars taking over the game to an impressive degree. The goalscorers for Seattle were Jordan Eberle and Tye Kartye.

Game Preview:

Thanks to the magic of NHL Scheduling and Horse Racing, the weekend slate was a bit light on games, featuring McDavid’s magic morons pantsing the Vegas Golden Knights, and Carolina processing the Devils in short order. For the PNW viewer, it was arguably a better call to drop 10 bucks on watching the Firebirds advance to round 3, or head up to Kent to watch the T-Birds take on the Blazers. At least those series are close.

Anyway, we’re back after a long delay, and said delay brought some encouraging news if the team can hang on and try to reverse their fortunes from Game 3: Jared McCann is practicing! He started in a Red “No-Contact” jersey, but has been upgraded to a normal White Jersey for today’s game!

I wouldn’t go out of my way to say he’s going to play tonight, but I could absolutely see him slotting in for Games 4 and 5 if all goes according to plan!

Of course, “all according to plan” means you re-take the series lead, and the Kraken got a good look at just what that looks like last Thursday when you’re not ready for it. The Stars crushed the Kraken in the possession metrics and most importantly capitalized on their power play time. Dragging the Squids into a game where any shot was a good shot was a losing proposition for Seattle, and the Kraken responded to their physicality mostly through frustration. This isn’t the Avalanche throwing their weight around haphazardly; the Stars hit well and within acceptable parameters of NHL Playoff officiating. As far as I’m concerned, it’s on the Kraken to force them out of their comfort zone and draw more penalties, even if their power play is uh…

Bad. Still real bad. Let’s hope coming home gave Dave Hakstol something to chew on so it improves.

It’s gonna be a tight game, but as the Avs learned; Climate Pledge Arena can be a tough barn to play in. Let’s see how the Squids handle Game 3, later tonight!