Kraken 2022 NHL Entry Draft LIVETHREAD

We’re here, at long last. The NHL Draft. The opening of the offseason.

The First Round Basics:

As you’re no doubt aware, Seattle has the 4th overall pick in the draft, meaning we’ll be seeing the Kraken pick much earlier than everybody else. But! There’s still plenty of time for people to get unreasonably mad at decisions made at the boy auction, particularly in this round.

There’s also quite a few teams that need to start making huge moves both to save their cap, and to fix some big holes in their rosters right the hell now, so there’s a chance that there could be some big trades incoming. So even after the Kraken pick? This could be excellent theater!

The Rest of the Draft Basics:

Brew some coffee, this is the big one for the Kraken. Or it could not be depending on how today goes!

The Kraken have the following picks in the 2nd round, in order:

And then, from rounds three to seven:

And here we are! This thread is to just shoot the shit about what you see here tonight and tomorrow! React! Get hyperbolic! It’s draft time!