Kraken GAMETHREAD: vs. Minnesota!

Well well, if it isn’t another Central Division staple; The Wild.

This is another tough contest for the Kraken; formerly one of the most low event, dull and boring franchises the NHL had ever been blighted with, the Wild sprang to life once they managed to drag Kiril Kaprizov over from Russia, and suddenly learned how to play exciting, but more importantly, successful hockey. They currently tie the St. Louis Blues for the lead in the Central, and may as well be the analytical darlings of the league; they are the undisputed kings of shots making it straight to net, their unblocked shots are frequent, and dangerous. However, just because they’re incredible possession players doesn’t mean they’re perfect; that label currently belongs to [checks notes] …a team in Florida.

Alright then.

But for real, the Wild are formidable…but they are not invincible. For all the respect I’m putting on them, they do have an Achilles’ heel; While they will score, and they will score quite a bit, they also have the tendency to give up high-danger chances of their own; while they’ve played plenty of decent to kinda poor teams so far, they’ve had to play them close; of the six games they played so far, they’ve only played a single game where they weren’t at least within a goal of having it tied up, and in that outlier, they lost pretty badly to a Preds team that has decided it’ll score when it’s good and ready. They will control the shot totals…but they’re not going to not stop a team from getting some of their own. The Kraken have shown some real capacity to surge over the past couple of games, one can only hope they manage to use that capacity to overwhelm the Wild early.

…And then keep their foot on their neck because this is still the last team in the league you want to be giving extended zone time.

Question of the thread: The best Thursday lunch. Go. Not phrased as a question? Life is full of curveballs. Just ask the Mariners.