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Kraken Game Day

Game day threads, previews, recaps, and everything else that comes up on game day

Kraken look to restart win streak against Canadiens: PREVIEW

Can we call it a Shane Wright revenge game? Is that allowed yet?

Kraken lose extremely frustrating game to large group of Florida men 5-1

Winning streak snapped, and on reverse retro night no less

Kraken Game 24 GAMETHREAD

Let’s bring a little rain to Sunrise!

Time to hunt in the deep: Kraken vs Panthers PREVIEW

Remember when last year’s Kraken swept the President’s Trophy winners? Good times.

Kraken 23 RECAP: Beniers caps off comeback in 3-2 WIN in OT!

Everybody loves a comeback story!

Kraken Game 23 GAMETHREAD

Tonight, the Kraken return home to Climate Pledge!

Kraken host the Caps: PREVIEW

The Great Eight’s Seattle Date

Kraken Game 22 GAMETHREAD

Let’s go do a little storming of the internet funny money bastille!

Kraken Game 22 PREVIEW: Vs. LA (yet again)!

The West coast road trip comes to a close in LA. Let’s finish strong!

Kraken Game 21 RECAP: Kraken go Duck hunting, win 5-4 in crazy game!

It doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to work

Kraken Game 21 PREVIEW: vs. Anaheim (again)!

The Deep tests the waters back at the Ponda Center!

Game 20 RECAP: Seattle abolishes feudalism, beat Knights 4-2!


Kraken Game 20 PREVIEW: vs. Vegas (again)!

The Pacific road trip begins with one hell of a test

Kraken claim deep sea supremacy, defeat Sharks 8-5

And on Yanni bobblehead night too!

Kraken Game 19 GAMETHREAD

Something to keep you occupied while doing last minute meal prep!

Kraken Game 19 PREVIEW: vs. San Jose!

A pre-turkey day clash!

Kraken Game 18 RECAP: Kraken ring up another dramatic OT win!

It wasn’t always pretty, but your Kraken are still riding high

Kraken Game 18 GAMETHREAD

This game is huge for both teams. Time to get right.

Kraken Game 18 PREVIEW: vs. Los Angeles!

The Kings had themselves a very fun friday night, now they get to face the Kraken!

Kraken 3, Rangers 2: Kraken reverse their fate in thrilling overtime win

Justin Schultz, you’re my new hero.

Kraken Game 17 GAMETHREAD

Lets get these Squids back in the win column!

Kraken Game 17 PREVIEW: vs. NY Rangers!

A battle of blue shirts!

Kraken lose to Jets in extraordinarily painful fashion

That was so much fun! Until it wasn’t.

Kraken Game 16 PREVIEW: vs. Winnipeg!

Manitoba’s favorite soap opera appears to have settled things to the point that they can at least enjoy success!

Wild get their revenge with 1-0 shutout over Kraken

Revenge games are supposed to be our thing, guys.

Kraken Game 15 PREVIEW: Vs. Minnesota! (Again!?)

If we play you again will you promise to buzz off until next year? Cool.

Kraken [insert hunting pun here] Predators, win 5-1

They simply cannot be stopped right now

Kraken host Predators: Game Preview

One by land or two by sea?

Game 13 RECAP: Kraken win 3-2, claim complete Antarctic supremacy

Your SECOND IN DIVISION SEATTLE KRAKEN played a desperate team close, and then Turbo got some spicy vengeance late to get the W!

Kraken Game 13 PREVIEW: Vs. Pittsburgh (Again!)

Wait...didn’t we just do this?

Squids blank Wild 4-0, claim Washington as the new State of Hockey

The Kraken are now fully above .500 again, and they’re now on a three game win streak!

Kraken Game 12 PREVIEW: vs. Minnesota!

On one side, a team with big aspirations and a lot of questions in net. On the other, a team with big aspirations and a lot of question marks regarding their goaltending!