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Kraken Game Day

Game day threads, previews, recaps, and everything else that comes up on game day

Senators visit the Deep: Game Preview

Keep the heater going!

Kraken Game 64 RECAP: Seattle drags Ducks into depths with 5-2 win!

Squids did violence on the Ducks. This was awesome.

Let’s get quackin’: Kraken vs Ducks preview

It’s Women in Hockey Night as the Kraken return to Climate Pledge Arena.

Kraken vs. Avalanche: PREVIEW

Mile high matchup

Game 61 RECAP: Kraken snatch 5-4 OT victory from jaws of defeat!

If you gotta win ugly, then make it ugly.

Squid vs Octopus: Kraken go to Detroit

Keep it rolling!

Kraken Game 60 GAMETHREAD

We might be watching a team that will be very different come the end of next week.

Meet me in St. Louis: Kraken vs Blues preview

Yes, that reference is probably played out, I know.

Game 59 RECAP: Kraken lose bad to Toronto 5-1.

Unending pain.

Kraken Game 59 GAMETHREAD

The Leafs come to Seattle!

Preview: Kraken vs. Leafs

If you’re a Maple Leaf then why are you blue?

Game 58 RECAP: Kraken lose 5-6 in playoff intensity matchup

Rewatch this game if you can.

Kraken Game 58 GAMETHREAD

The Atlantic Division is coming through for most of this weekend. Let’s finish this out!

Kraken Game 58 PREVIEW: vs. Boston!

Squids on the backfoot must bear the brunt of Bruin backhanders

Kraken Game 57 GAMETHREAD

A matinee monday? Alright then.

PREVIEW: Kraken battle Sharks for marine animal supremacy

After weeks of travel, we at long last return to Pacific Division matchups!

Kraken Game 56 GAMETHREAD

A matchup against Motor City!

Cephalopod squad: Kraken vs Red Wings preview

Squids vs octopi, fight

Kraken Game 55 RECAP: Seattle’s offense explodes against Philly in dominant 6-2 WIN!

No love lost but certainly no love given to Philly

Kraken Game 55 GAMETHREAD

Back home against Philly!

Game Preview: Kraken vs. Flyers (Again)

How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man?

Kraken Game 54 RECAP: Kraken can’t hang on in 3-2 Shootout Loss


Kraken Game 54 GAMETHREAD: vs. Winnipeg!

They’re nearly home, but first they must go to the hinterlands.

Kraken Game 53 RECAP: Seattle finally gets it’s act together to beat Philly 4-3!

This road trip hasn’t been ideal, but at least now we have something to build on.

Kraken Game 53 GAMETHREAD

And now, the breather.

The Kraken visit the City of Brotherly Love: Kraken vs Flyers preview

This is the most important game involving a Philly team we’ll see all day.

Kraken Game 52 RECAP: Bad first period kills any late-period positives as Kraken lose 6-3

New York Area cursed. Do Not wish to go back.

Kraken Game 52 GAMETHREAD

The Deep faces the Blueshirts!

The Kraken visit the Rangers at Madison Square Garden: Game 52 PREVIEW

About as tough of a "get right game" as we could ask for

Kraken Game 51 RECAP: Seattle can’t capitalize in 3-1 loss

Dave I’m really gonna have to ask you to wake your damn team up.

Kraken vs Devils: Game 51 GAMETHREAD

Ey, fuggedaboudit da Squids are in New Joisey!

Seattle Kraken vs. New Jersey Devils: Game Preview

Not today Satan!