Kraken Game 79 GAMETHREAD: vs. Vancouver!

This game will be kicking off roughly an hour and a half after the rest of the hockey world has dialed themselves in to watching Vegas-Dallas, which is an elimination game for the Golden Knights.

Some teams have all the luck.

Anyway, Vancouver’s (essentially) out, they have a lot of bodies coming off the books next year, but also a lot of cap space coming off as well. For as much as they have struggled, there’s a very good chance that with a Not Jim Benning type in charge, they could resurge big in 2022-23.

Until then, they’ll have to be content with “not nearly as bad as they started as.” Which is better than the Kraken, but it would be really funny if we could get our neighbors to the north sweating a little bit about just how much work they actually have to do.

Oh yeah, and they’re gonna be juggling goalies.

We just have to avoid the 2nd Period From Hell and there’s a chance the Kraken come up huge!

For draft odds! Unfortunately the Kraken are playing just too well…somehow… to really get into the upper echelon of the Shane Wrights and Juraj Slafkovskys reliably, currently sitting in either in the top 3 or top 4 spot, according to Tankathon’s odds. On the other hand, the Logan Cooleys and Simon Nemecs are just as good, and both of those players are having a hell of a late season push: Cooley in the U18 World Championships has been a nightmare for opposing teams to deal with, and Nemec’s HK Nitra is currently locked in a best of five Slovak Extraliga Finals matchup in Slovakia against Bratislava. We will be eating good, no matter the result.

Question of the Thread: How funny would it be if the Golden Knights spent all that money on players and just didn’t make the playoffs?