Kraken Game 78 GAMETHREAD: vs. Dallas!

There are only 4 games after this one. God, where did the time go?

…And only the Kraken could end up being the regular season’s finale thanks to a blizzard in spring. This team, man.

Anyway, the Stars! Much of the same concerns that have interested the Stars from two weeks ago are the same as they have been: They need goals, they need points, and they super need everybody else around them to lose. They’re coming into this one just two points ahead of Vegas, three points ahead of our direct neighbor to the north Vancouver…and on a three game losing streak. If you wanted to write up a team more desperate to win this game, it’d be Dallas.

Of course, the Kraken have something to prove as well; after getting their heads caved in on Friday night, our dearest Squids can once again show that they’re not nearly as hapless as some have made them out to be, and especially help improve Matty B’s impressive point streak!

Question of the Thread: While Dallas is building it’s hockey fanbase, Texas is all about football. While obviously Lumen Field is the premiere destination, where is your favorite place to watch a little football at the not-pro level?