Kraken Game 77 GAMETHREAD: vs. Minnesota!

You gotta hand it to the Wild; they managed to take apart an identity of being generally kind of boring and low-key run by wild animals and turned it into a genuinely intriguing and well run hockey club. Their Outdoor sweaters were trash, but nobody’s perfect.

The Wild are coming into this one on a similar hot streak as the Kraken, having won their last three in fairly convincing fashion. Of course, while their offense has come alive with guys like Hartman, Kaprizov, and Kevin Fiala, their ace in the hole is the acquisition of Marc-Andre Fleury, who unsurprisingly is once again one of the better goaltenders in the league now that he’s on a team that can actually support his abilities with such things as “Defense” and “Solid System” and “Not Playing For A Reprehensible Franchise”. Usually does the trick.

While the game starts at 5 PT, it’s probably going to be a bit late on the start, as the hockey world will be mourning the loss of Canadiens’ legend Guy LaFleur, who passed away at 70 today. Words don’t do him justice; in his prime, he was the most impressive player on the ice at any given time when he played. Montreal’s extensive trophy cabinet isn’t nearly as much of a cabinet without him, and the hockey world is poorer for having lost him.

Rest in Peace, Guy. Let’s win one for him in the most 70’s way possible: dunking on a team in green from Minnesota.

Question of the Thread: You can revive a uniform set from your favorite team in a sport from any era of their history. Which do you choose and why?