Kraken Game 73 GAMETHREAD: vs. Calgary (part two of two)

Alright, let’s try this when they’re not in Seattle.

Calgary beat the Kraken pretty soundly over the weekend, and neither side had a game in-between to maybe mix things up. We’ll just have to see how Coach Hakstol adjusts this lineup. One thing they absolutely should be trying to work on is the power play, which went 0 for 5 against the Flames on Saturday, and if you can get at least a couple on the man advantage against them, you can possibly pick up a win.

I mean, you’re still gonna have to work hard, but that’s at least a reasonable goal to set.

Question of the thread: what’s the worst car you’ve ever driven? I once drove an 80-something dodge caravan that cornered like a river barge and accelerated like a tortoise.