Kraken Game 72 GAMETHREAD: vs. Calgary (part one of two)

First of all, before we get anywhere, I’d like to extend a very happy pride night to all who are LGBTQA+, you guys, gals and everything in-between and beyond rock and I wish you nothing but good vibes tonight.

Second! 4pm Start! Honestly I love early evening starts for games; have a good ol’ hockey game, go out with your friends/loved ones for dinner afterwards. I’d be at the Beerhall every night if we got more of that this season.

Anyway! Flames! They’re pretty good! I happen to know a very flightly Flames fan who happens to not be used to how good they currently are, or how mean they are. The Flames are, somehow, even with all the high-skill guys, are as Darryl Sutter as a Darryl Sutter team can be. For those new to the sport, it would be the equivalent of a professional football team running the triple option and having 10 minute drives that end in touchdowns without fail, only to win 17-3 every week. The equivalent of a baseball team that wins 3-0 every other weekend 3-game stand because the pitching is so good. They are big, they are meaty, they are full of defense, they love possessing the puck forever and ever, they have a good goaltender, and in general they are a nightmare to play against. It is one of the rare privileges of the Kraken this year to have struggled as badly as they have, because the alternative is possibly running into this walking meatgrinder of a team for a minimum of four games in a playoff series, and I don’t know if I’d want that right now.

So naturally we have to do this two games in a row; tonight, and then on Tuesday. The Kraken gotta play this game like it’s the Stanley Cup final or they’re in for a world of hurt.

Question of the Thread!: What’s your preferred post-sports event meal?